Your 30’s are characterized by a drop in estrogen. Collagen and elastin levels will also begin to drop during this time. At this point, you may begin to notice your skin dries out much faster. The forehead and the areas around the eyes are among the first casualties of the onset of aging.In this decade, it would be ideal to revise your regimen as such-:

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Since your collagen production becomes slower at this point, your regimen has to have products aimed at reinforcing the collagen in the skin. This will help maintain your skin’s suppleness. Vitamin A rich products will aide in the production or mimicking of collagen.


Products rich in vitamin C and E combat free radicals. While typically, sunscreen should protect you from the sun’s rays, the photons that make it through the barrier will cause the skin to produce free radicals.  


MoisturiZers may be part of your everyday routine at this point, but for more impact, you will need to incorporate a serum. Serums pack more active ingredients that keep off the effects of aging and penetrate deeper than moisturizers. Additionally, the antioxidants in serums will stabilize the skin against erratic pigmentation and sunspots.  

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In your 30s, you might want need to ante up your hydration habits by spritzing some essential oil and water combination for that extra sheen. Also, keep off long hot showers as they tend to dry out the skin.  

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