Enjoying spotless, radiant skin is not reserved only for the celebrities you see on your local TV shows. Nor is it for the models you see on that glamorous lifestyle magazine. You, too, can achieve that kind of skin. However, it does not come without making any effort. You must invest your time, money and embrace a healthy lifestyle for you to enjoy an amazing skin. This article will shed light on how to achieve such kind of skin. Here are your top ten tips.

Use the right products 

Your skin type defines the kind of products you will choose. Different people have diverse types, ranging from oily, normal, dry or a mixed type of skin. For you to give your skin the care it deserves, you must use products that are suitable and will leave your skin moisturised, and hydrated throughout the day. For instance, an oily skin will require products that will not add more oil and clog the pores while a dry skin will need a product that will add moisture to the skin to give it that radiant look. 

Use sunscreen 

No matter how humid you may think the weather looks, never step out without applying your sunscreen. UV rays are the number one cause of skin problems such as sunburns, premature aging and even cancer. Buy the right sunscreen and make it part of your beauty routine. In days when the sun is too hot, complement the sunscreen with a straw hat and even a pair of sunglasses. 

Get rid of makeup before bedtime 

No matter how tired you feel, never to go bed with a face full of makeup. It’s like dipping your feet in mud and jumping on your white bedsheets. Your skin needs to breathe as you rest. With makeup covering the pores, the skin will feel suffocated and will result to breakouts. Your face will look dull and tired in the morning. Use your make up removers, and get rid of all the makeup, then tone and moisturize before going to bed. 

Change your pillowcase

Are you surprised that this should form part of your beauty routine? The pillowcase is one of the dirtiest item in your bed. It comes into contact with your oily and dirty hair during your sleep. Your moisturiser is also left on your pillowcase every night. If not changed frequently, it will transfer the dirt to your face making your cleansing and toning efforts futile.

Check your diet

You are a reflection of what you eat. Your body gives back what you give it. If you junk too much, you need to change your diet. A glowing and healthy skin is a reflection of the overall status of your health. Purpose to eat a balanced diet and in the right portions. Add more green leafy vegetables and fruits to give your body essential vitamins and minerals crucial for a healthy skin.

Check your alcohol consumption 

You may love partying, and the bottle may be part of your fun. If you wish to enjoy a flawless complexion, then you must decide to reduce your alcohol intake or drop it all together, Alcohol dehydrates your system leaving you looking like a withered leaf. 


Water is life, so goes the saying. To flush out all the toxins and waste products from your skin, then water must be part of your routine. You may not like the flat taste but you must live to love it. If you are stepping out, ensure you carry adequate water to sip throughout the day. Apart from flushing out toxins, it will improve your digestive system thus creating room for absorption of more nutrients into your system. Fresh juice fruits and soups are also recommended for a healthy looking skin. 

Use facial masks and scrubs 

Your skin keep shedding the old cells to give room for new ones. Using masks and facial scrubs will aid the shedding process revealing a glowing complexion. However, do not overdo it to avoid irritating the skin. You should also buy the right products for your skin type to prevent breakouts.  

Don’t focus on our face only 

Have you ever spotted someone whose face looks great but with wrinkled hands and cracked heels? Well, it can also happen to you if you neglect other parts of your skin. Most people tend to focus on the face leaving out the other parts such as hands, the neck, and even the legs. The result is usually a well-toned face neglected legs and hands. While cleansing the face, do the same for your neck and all other parts exposed to the sun. This will give you an even skin tone. 

Avoid pricking pimples

A pimple will appear on your face occasionally. The urge to prick is overwhelming especially if it is on your forehead. The unfortunate bit is that pricking will leave blackheads all over your face thwarting all your efforts of an even skin tone. It may even result to further breakouts since you will expose the surrounding skin to bacteria from the pricked pimple. Once you spot one, just ignore it. With time, it will dry out.

Your journey to achieving a fair skin tone is not a dream. It is within reach and in your control. With the tips above, you can enjoy perfect skin. And always remember to buy your products from reputable dealers.