Caring for and maintaining our healthy skin is not only synonymous with beauty, but we will also be reflecting self-love. We all have daily routines, but sometimes we forget that our skin also deserves to have one.  

Few people take skin care seriously. We suggest a basic beauty routine for skin care, which will allow you to maintain a smooth and healthy skin for longer! 


Cleaning is important, in the nights before sleep we must use a cleanser for our skin that removes all the dirt, excess fat, makeup, and bacteria that accumulate in our skin.

For a total deep but gentle cleansing, you can try these!


How can all the goodness of our skincare ingredients penetrate into our skin if we have too much dead skin cells on the surface blocking it? We must exfoliate our skin 1 to 2 times a week to eliminate dead skin cells sitting on top of our skin and keep it radiant and healthy.

Instead of using harsh scrubs that contain irregular-sized stone pits or polluting plastic microbeads, try our gentle but effective peels or Dead Sea Salt Scrubs! 



Eating well ensures our body functions optimally and in turn, our skin will show off the results of a healthy diet. Take it one step further to make sure the nutritional benefits you want to show is applied directly to your face! 

Skin-repairing vitamins like Vitamins A, C and E help your skin regenerate faster and look healthier. Skin-calming ingredients like green tea, chamomile, calendula are great for controlling inflammation and allergic reactions. Find skin-boosting ingredients like collagen, caffeine, avocado oil, peptides, marine plant stem cells, white pearl, gold, and even precious gem stones. They provide an extra dimension to dramatically improve skin health or reduce unwanted signs like pigmentation, eye bags, dark eye circles, fine lines, sagging skin and so much more! 


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Serums are made with smaller molecules for deeper penetration into your skin layers for the ultimate restoration and rejuvenation! These are perfect for any skin type, and everyone should use it at some point of their lives. 

The sooner, the better, to keep away those signs of aging! 

Check out some of our recommended serums: 


Many people fail to include this product in their daily routine, but there is an important reason why there are eye cream or eye solutions in the skincare market! The skin around the eye area is much thinner and delicate, which is why you see fine lines and wrinkles appear there first. 

If the rest of the skin on our face is thicker than the eye, it makes sense that the face products will not be as suitable for the eye area. 

Some of our beloved eye creams have received excellent reviews! 

Whether our skin problems are hereditary, or simply because we fail to maintain and take care of it, the solutions are all just a click of the 'Add To Cart' button away! 

For a demonstration of our products, pop by for a no-obligation consultation with our beauty advisors. You can even book yourself a trial facial to try out some of the products, before committing to taking it home!