If you stepped into a cosmetic or beauty shop in your area, you must have noticed the numerous skin care products well packaged just waiting for you. The attendant didn’t make it easy for you with the countless suggestions on what you should buy all promising to deliver a perfect skin. Probably all you wanted to purchase was your regular products.

However, here come products that promise to sort your acne or reverse your signs of aging in the shortest time possible. They are even telling you why you should purchase the night moisturizer on their display. 

This even leaves you more confused than ever before and you are just wondering whether it's essential to apply a moisturizer at night. This article will explore the benefits you will enjoy once you moisturize at night leaving you an informed consumer.

Helps retain moisture 

If you moisturize your skin every night, you will wake up to a radiant looking skin. The moisturizer works on the dry areas of your skin and ensures they are well protected from drying up. Your skin will look hydrated in the morning, thus, preparing you for your daily routines.  


You spend your day exposed to various types of pollutants and free radicals found in the environment. The situation gets worse if the temperatures are soaring high. If you like working out, the sweat mixed with all the pollutants will expose your skin to breakouts and other skin conditions. Applying a moisturizer before going to bed will leave your skin with a soothing effect and help to calm any sensitivity.

Prevents premature aging 

Applying your moisturizer regularly before going to bed will reduce signs of premature aging. A quality moisturizer will help keep the skin hydrated. After cleansing, a moisturizer will help prevent tearing of the skin, especially on the most sensitive areas hence cushioning you from early signs of aging. 

Helps prevent breakouts

Moisturizing your skin every evening helps maintain its balance. An excessive oily or dry skin can expose you to breakouts or even acne. A moisturizer for oily skin helps to prevent overproduction of sebum, which may clog your poles. A lotion-based moisturizer will work best for such a skin type. If you have dry skin, then a cream based moisturizer will help restore oil thus preventing over drying.

Helps tone your skin

No one wishes to have a skin with an uneven skin tone. Flawless even skin does not just happen. For you to achieve such, then you must make the efforts by moisturizing every evening. The moisturizer will help eliminate any blemishes on your skin especially when you are resting. It will penetrate in the dip layers of your skin revealing a healthy sheen and beautiful skin.

Keeps the skin supple

Not everyone has a smooth skin texture. If yours is rough and dull, then you need to moisturize every evening before retiring to bed. The moisturizer will penetrate into your skin and fight any common skin conditions such as eczema. With a quality moisturizer, you will achieve a great sheen and texture. Your face will look radiant and feel smoother and supple.

If you have not been using your moisturizer before going to bed, now you have reasons why you should. Using it regularly will complete your beauty routine and promote a healthy looking skin.