In the palettes of eyeshadows there are different tonalities that we usually use to color our eyelids, would you believe me if I tell you that you can use it in different ways and in any part of the face? You probably think it's crazy, but no, and I'm going to prove it to you. 

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That's why today I bring you 8 different ways to use your eyeshadows. 

1. Delineate your eyesWith the eyeshadows in dark tones, you can use them to make an incredible and delicate eyeliner, besides being something simple it will be much easier for the delineation to go perfect thanks to the soft texture of the eyeshadows. 

2. Define your appearance 

Paint your eyelids and define the look you want to have, a deep look or a look full of light. If you want a deep look, use dark shades and, for a light-filled style, use pastel shades. 

3. Correct your dark circles 

We usually have that horrible dark circle in our eyes that makes us look tired and without energy. To get rid of dark circles, use eyeshadow in orange tones over dark circles.This idea sounds a bit strange, but it's really amazing. The color purple is the opposite color to orange and yellow, so when applying orange tones on the dark purple color of the dark circles, as they are opposite colors they will neutralize each other. 

4. Define and paint your eyebrows 

Take advantage of the brown tones of your eyeshadow palette and use them to define your eyebrows, giving it a natural look. The ideal color for your eyebrows should be similar to the color of your hair and totally matte.To achieve eyebrows with a natural look, first, you must comb your eyebrows, with a brush of mascara (you can recycle one that you no longer use), and then you begin to fill the spaces in your eyebrows with the chosen shade of color. Should not go out of shape natural of his eyebrows. 

5. Paint your lips 

Onmany occasions, we have a shade color for eyes that we want to have on our lips, and we do not get it in lipsticks, or we want a specific color for a special occasion. You can use the colors of your eyeshadows to apply it on the lips. The only thing you have to do is apply as a base a bit of transparent lip gloss, lip balm, a matte lipstick or Vaseline, then with a brush, you must apply the shade chosen on your lips and finally lip gloss to seal. 

6. Color your cheeks 

You can color your cheeks with the pink tones of your eyeshadow palette. Apply it with a soft brush (powder brush) for your cheeks. You should use eyeshadows in pink tones as a blush depending on the type of skin you have. 

7. Illuminate your appearance and the areas of your face that you want to highlight 

Apply bright, metallic or pastel shades from your eyeshadow palette on the top of the cheekbones, in the center of the forehead, the tip of the nose, the lacrimal area of the eyes, the arch of the eyebrows and the edges superiors of the lips. In this way you are giving dimensions and light to your face, giving it a fresh and youthful appearance. 

8. Contour your face 

Use eyeshadows in dark, bronze, brown (preferably with little or no shine). Apply with a soft brush in the area to contour according to the type of face. Be it in the forehead, the nose, the cheeks, the neck and the chin. Apply it by delineating a soft line and then blur until the line drawn is not noticeable.


Generally, we only use make-up products for what they tell us is designed. We must experiment and give various uses to our makeup products, create new ideas, in this way we can discover incredible alternatives that can be useful when we travel, and we do not have all the products at our disposal, or when we run out of a product and urgently need it for a special occasion