Achieving a perfect skin does not mean spending so much in beauty products and all your time in some of the most expensive spas. You can achieve that perfect skin you so much desire if you maintain the right skincare routines. The guidelines below will help you achieve a flawless skin.

Reduce your stress levels 

Life comes with so much pressure; from work, family, unmet expectations among others are some of the contributing factors of stress. You must understand that life is not perfect. Learn to accept the things you cannot change to reduce your stress levels. Too much pressure will have an impact on your skin, subjecting you to premature aging.

Watch out what you apply 

There are so many beauty products out there just waiting for you. Some are not even clinically tested and are illegal in the market. If you allow your skin to be used as the Guinea pig to test all beauty products, then you can forget achieving a perfect skin. Settle for products from reputable companies and seek help in selecting the right one for your skin. 

Adequate sleep

You may have so much on your plate that you may not have sufficient time for rest. But you know what? The world will still go on even in your absence. Always ensure you get adequate sleep each day. Eight hours per day is sufficient for your rest. During your nap or sleep, your body will have the time to repair all the worn out tissues.


Eat your way to flawless clear skin. If you love eating out, reduce that and take the time to prepare your meals. Shop for organic fruits and vegetables from some of the wet markets in your hood and enjoy a delicious fresh meal. During the preparation, ensure you do not overcook the vegetables to retain the nutrients. If you can eat them raw the better. If not, steaming them in low heat will preserve the nutrients. You can also include supplements in your diet to give you the extra vitamins and minerals that may lack from your food.

Avoid overexposure to the sun

The sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D. However, overexposure is detrimental to your skin. If possible, avoid stepping out when the sun is too hot, and if you must, then you should consider wearing protective gear such as a cap or use an umbrella. Make sunscreen part of your skin care routine whether hot or not.


Your skin keeps shedding. If the dead cells remain on your skin, they will rob you of that radiant and beautiful tone. You will look dull, and layers of dead skin will show even through your makeup. Set time aside to exfoliate especially in the evening. The process will get rid of all the dead skin leaving your skin radiant. 

Be patient

If you have started using a new range of skin care products, do not expect instant results. If they promise to deliver excellent results overnight, run. It takes time even for the best of skin care products to penetrate in your skin and eliminate the blackheads, acne or tone your skin. Therefore, give your skin time before deciding whether the products are right for your skin or not. 

Visit a beauty spa 

You may have all the skills for the DIY skin care. However, no matter how good you are, treat yourself to a professional skin care spa occasionally. The professionals understand how best to manage your skin and will even recommend the best skin care products. In case of a skin problem, they will know how to handle it to avoid making it worse. 

Achieving a perfect skin does not come easy. It requires investing your time, money and a complete lifestyle change, but it is achievable. If you have a persistent skin issue such as acne, visit a dermatologist.