The condition of your skin will reflect your health. If you take care of your skin, you will reap the benefits. Skin care should start from an early age especially once you hit the twenties. Once you care for it, it will not be difficult to delay the signs of aging while you reach your thirties and forties. However, if you don’t, you will one day wake up to an old looking person. You will look years older than your actual age. Dark circles under your eyes are one of the signs of a tired and neglected skin. If you have dark circles, you can eliminate them and reclaim your youthful look. Here are the guidelines.

Use ice cubes 

The dark circles may appear as a result of blood accumulating around your eyes. You may notice them in the morning after waking up. You can get rid of them by pressing ice cubes under your eyes. The ice cubes will help constrict blood vessels and facilitate the flow of blood away from your eyes.  

If you do not have ice cubes, you can dip a piece of cotton in ice-cold water and place it on your eyes for around five minutes. To avoid getting them every morning, consider elevating your upper body while sleeping or using more pillows. Such a position will facilitate the flow of blood throughout your skin.

Eye Creams 

Dark circles may occur due to age. Well, you may not do much about the ticking clock, but you can delay the signs of aging. Use of eye creams is one of the excellent skin care routines that will help reduce dark circles. Shop around for a suitable cream that will blend well with your skin and use it every evening before bedtime. 

Collagen building products

As you age, the elasticity in your skin reduces. The production of collagen will reduce, and your skin will start showing signs of aging such as dark circles, fine lines and even lose the radiant appearance. Invest in products that are rich in collagen, which will help fight any signs of aging. When shopping look for products that have retinol as an active ingredient. Such a product will brighten your skin and promote a youthful appearance.


Exercising is not only good for your skin but also for your health. Stress has a way of subjecting your body to pressure. The fine capillaries under your eyes will handle the pressure by breaking, which will result in the formation of dark circles. If you are under too much pressure or stress, hit the gym. If you are not the gym type, a brisk walk or run will do wonders or even a swim. Exercising will help the release of endorphins, which will fight your stress and promote blood circulation.

Take rest 

A break from all your daily routine occasionally will work wonders on your skin. You can plan to go on holiday and forget all your boring lifestyle. Indulge in that steam bath, soak yourself in the bathtub or just enjoy a lazy walk by the beach. The break from your usual lifestyle will leave you rejuvenated and will promote radiant, youthful skin. Remember also to retire to bed early to give your body time to repair damaged tissues. 

The appearance of dark circles affect both men and women. For you to get rid of them, understand the causes. If you do not get adequate sleep, have no time for exercise or use the wrong skin care products, then you need to stop the habits and embrace a different kind of lifestyle. Above all, remember always to stay hydrated