Age is something we should be proud of, but what would happen if we surprised everyone with a younger look? It would be great to look younger than we have. Looking younger is so simple, using moisturizer daily can help us maintain collagen levels, so we gain firmness and delay the appearance of wrinkles, a different way of fixing ourselves would make us look younger, and a routine of care will make us feel younger.

Here the best beauty tricks to look younger and keep your age secret

1. Sleep well: for our skin and every particle of ours it is necessary to sleep well, we should sleep for approximately 7 to 8 hours continuously. When we rest the indicated time, we would be giving rest to our whole body and especially to our skin. 

If we sleep less than 7 hours, our body loses energy, our mind is deficient to work, and our skin will lose elasticity, and the production of nutrients from our skin will be deficient.

2. Eat healthily: It is important that you eat foods high in protein and vitamins, this way your body will always have what it needs to be healthy, and your skin looks radiant. Find a way to have an adequate and organized food plan.

3. Exercise: take advantage and do exercises in your free time, this way you will be expelling fats and toxins that are harmful to your body. By doing exercise, you will improve the functions of your body, away from the ailments and joint problems that will make you feel old. On top of that, it will make you look much better physically and away from stress.

4. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun: The sun is responsible for dehydrating the skin, and causing the cells responsible for the production of collagen to suffer damage and this accelerates the aging process. Try to use sunscreen when you are going to be in the sun for a long time

5. Take care of your body and hands: To look young we usually focus on caring for the face and neck, we must take into account that our hands and body also age and we must keep them hydrated to look younger. The natural oils and vitamins quickly penetrate our skin helping to strengthen and restructure the tissues of our skin away from wrinkles. 

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6. Renew your skin: the skin accumulates many dead cells that we must eliminate to show a rejuvenated face. For this, it is essential to exfoliate our skin. When we exfoliate our skin, we renew it and leave it as new, impeccable and radiant. 

If we renew our skin with an exfoliant that provides vitamins, we would be giving a double benefit to our skin, since by exfoliating and eliminating the cells that clog our pores, we are facilitating that the vitamins that our skin needs to renew the tissues, penetrate easily and act immediately.

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7. Nourishes and hydrates your face: the face is the area where the skin is most delicate and where we have all the expressions. We must nourish and hydrate the skin while we sleep and the rest of the day to keep the cells alive and improve the production of collagen.

The extracts of plants, natural oils, green tea, and vitamins are of great benefit to the production of collagen, the renewal of the cells, tone the sagging and reaffirm our skin.

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8. Moisturize your lips: you must moisturize your lips to have a better appearance. The dry and broken lips will make you look careless and aged looking. It is essential that you hydrate your lips with vitamins so that they remain protected and soft.

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9. Open your eyes: if you put your eyes in dark tones, your eyes will look smaller, tired and sad. So you can look younger, you should paint your eyes with pastel shades, you should also paint and curl the lashes. In this way, your appearance will look more radiant and delicate.

10. Fill your eyebrows: If you make up your eyebrows you will be hiding your features, and you will look much younger, it is important that your eyebrows are painted with shadows and the same color of your hair so that they look natural.

11. Outline your eyes: To delineate it is recommended that in the lower part of the eye (lacrimal area) you do it with a white eye pencil so that your eyes look bigger and full of life. In the upper delineation (area of the upper tab) it is preferable to make subtle contours so as not to overload the look.

12. Paint your lips in light colors: The intense brown, red, dark colors will give you a more serious and aged appearance. If you choose to paint your lips with light tones, you will be giving contrast to your skin, and you will maintain a more youthful and luminous appearance.

13. Moisturize your skin before applying makeup: If you already have wrinkles and lines of expression, and you do not moisturize, you will make the wrinkles look more pronounced. By hydrating the skin before makeup you will be hiding the lines of expression, and wrinkles that you already have. In addition to that, you will prevent makeup from drying your skin.

14. Reinvent your look: If you have been wearing the same hairstyle for years, the same cut or hair color, you will not be able to discover new alternatives that allow you to see yourself better. A new look will make you look younger and different. Dare yourself!

15. Do not forget to clean your skin before and after sleep: Cleaning is essential because we are clearing the dirt from our face and letting our skin breathe. This way our pores will not get clogged and we would be preventing unwanted pigmentation, acne, and wrinkles.

The age we can look is in us and how we feel. It is important to change and get out of the routine to experiment with new alternatives with which we can improve our appearance. Age does not define our old age we grow old when our soul and mind age. If we feel young, this is what we should highlight. Express the young person inside you and dare to be happy that is what really matters!